October 16 commemorated in 150 countries as world food day is the anniversary of FAO's founding in 1945.  Recently, there was good news in the FAO report on The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2013, which noted a 7.1-per-cent reduction in the numbers of undernourished people in developing countries.

However, contrary to global trends, food insecurity in developed countries, while accounting for only two per cent of global hunger, increased by 15 per cent from 13.6 million to 15.7 million people.

Here in BC, 96,000 people use food banks.  The Dieticians of Canada Cost of Eating in BC Report is released to publicize the fact that many British Columbians don’t have enough money to buy healthy food.

Health Canada's Community Health Survey states that 5.2% of BC households experienced moderate food insecurity  and 3.2% of households experienced severe food insecurity in 2009-2010.