Samuel Obour, Registrar of Sunyani Polytechnic, past president of RC Sunyani Central.

Providing clean water and preventing disease drive Samuel Obour’s quest to make life better for people in Ghana. Assistant governor of District 9102 and a member of the Rotary Club of Sunyani Central, Obour and his club recently worked with Canadian Rotarians on a global grant project to install latrines at a primary school in Sunyani and a washing station and toilets at a busy rural market. Efforts like these help prevent the spread of dysentery and other bacterial diseases.

Obour has also helped tackle Buruli ulcer, a flesh-eating bacterial disease that often necessitates amputation of the affected limb. Although the transmission source of the bacteria isn’t certain, lesions detected early can usually be treated with antibiotics before they cause extensive tissue damage. Obour and his fellow Rotarians worked with the Ghanaian health service to educate villagers about the importance of early detection and to supply hospitals with necessary treatment tools.

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