Posted on Aug 01, 2018
  by Don Dempson
The original song talked about “I like bread and butter” (the Newbeats 1992) but after a recent tour of the Longwood Brewery the words could now be, “I love hops and barley”.  Nineteen Rotarians, spouses and friends had an enjoyable tour of the brewery July 31 and they didn't come away disappointed.
The group had the opportunity to sample six beers from light IPA style all the way to the brewery’s award winning black Russian Imperial Stoutnik.  Those in attendance also had the opportunity to learn about the history of the brewery, how they source almost exclusively local ingredients and how their market has grown and become more and more accepted in the trendy and competitive craft brew market.
Harley Smith and Tracy McLean talked about the quality of the hops and barley, the critical nature of temperature control and being innovative to meet the demands and tastes of beer lovers.  They went on to explain that as a small business they put in long hours but support the community and love to get involved with projects and events that bring people to Nanaimo and showcase Vancouver Island.
The brewery that works closely with the Longwood restaurant, prides itself in the partnerships it has developed with Rotary and throughout the Nanaimo and says that they run at full capacity but still have ideas for opportunities like a possible patio just outside the brewery in the future.
They encourage everyone to come in for a sampling and to learn more about their exciting and tasteful line-up of products.   After the tour the group headed for the White Spot for some socializing and to discuss what they learned and ponder new possibilities for working with the Longwood Brewery.