Grade 3 students at the O.K. School in Nelson House, northern Manitoba work on a computer. The school now ranks second in Canada and 49th in the world on standardized math tests

One Laptop per Child Canada is a charity that provides laptops to aboriginal children. Since its founding in 2010 it has distributed 3,800 of the tough little computers.   The computers, worth $235 apiece, come fully loaded with HD video, YouTube streaming, 60 literacy programs, a physical fitness app, a nutrition app, a financial skills app, math games, activities that help kids cope with bullying, alcohol, solvents, family violence, drugs and depression and 25 books written by First Nation, Métis and Inuit authors in aboriginal languages. The scope for creativity is almost limitless.

The sponsors of the program are the Belinda Stronach FoundationVale, the global mining giant; the Bank of Montreal and the Ontario ministry of aboriginal affairs.

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